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Pindval Project

Pindval is a small village of Dharampur taluka situated in a tribal belt of southern Gujarat near Valsad district. Here we are working with group of kids (age 5 to 7yr) at primary school and trying to explore questions like "How kids learn?" , "How kids construct knowledge?". Dr. Mahendra Chotalia (Head of Education Department S.P University, Former director Children University, Gujarat) is mentoring us for this project. we are in the process to write detailed report about on going work at Pindval. Mean while please visit our social media feeds or write to us.


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Mihir Pathak

Learning Researcher,

Alish Vagadiya

Programmer, Computer Scientist

Lakhan Samani

Quick Learner, Web developer, Hybrid application developer

Kashyap Ashara

Enthusiast, Programmer, Web developer

We are constantly seeking people interested in the intersections of Design, Art and Science who could be: Storytellers, Designers, Educators, Computer Programmers, Explorer in the area of Clay Art, Sculpture, Theatre, Scientists and Researchers in Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Educational Psychology, Anthropology and applied linguistics.

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Education is something that other people do to you. Learning is something you do for yourself -Joi Ito