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Learnlabs is a mix of hundreds or maybe thousands of people - people have have written books on education, children and learning, who devoted their life to the world of children, who started alternate schools around the world, done unschooling and homeschooling, written blogs and articles on the web, shared TED talks and other youtube videos, people who have met us and our children and shared their journey, dedicated facilitators and parents ready to explore the other road.

But the biggest architects of learnlabs are children themselves - all the time questioning, exploring, imagining and contributing.

Its been and continues to be JOYOUS. Thank you everybody.

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Currently our base is Dharampur - Gujarat. But we travel a lot :) We are open to work with individuals (special need kids, homeschoolers), communities (alt/formal schools, organizations, learning spaces) & everyone who wants to learn :)

Write to us with your questions. We're open to collaborations

Drop us a mail: mihirism1995@gmail.com

Call on: +91 9537068736 (Mihir)

Education is something that other people do to you. Learning is something you do for yourself -Joi Ito